September 24, 2020

Expresso Wi-Fi: Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot for Travel in Italy

Internet contracts in Italy aren’t easy to acquire or learn about. When visiting the beautiful country, you have a lot of factors to check. The accommodation, food, and transportation are the most important aspects everyone looks into, but most people forget to pay heed to the need for a strong internet connection when on international land. It takes many tourists several years and days of google search or phone calls to receive some legit advice regarding Italy’s internet contracts. The Wi-Fi coverage is growing in the country, but nothing like the easy connectivity in the UK and the US.

In many cafes and restaurants, the internet is considered something that is offered at an exclusive store because around 40% of Italians do not use the web at all. You will need some alternative for the internet connection when traveling in Italy, anything from a portable Wi-Fi device or a network connection. While the latter can take you around months or even years to process, it is best to go for the former. Let us look at the offers of Expresso Wi-Fi, which is truly an unbeatable internet provider in Italy.

Expresso Wi-Fi in Italy

Finding a safe and reliable connection in the country is time-consuming, and if you are there for not more than a few weeks, you cannot waste time on getting a strong network connection. The Expresso Wi-Fi offers unlimited internet throughout the day for as long as the plan lasts. You can easily access the internet from any part of the country without any long-term signups. A tiny portable Wi-Fi hotspot with all the features you look for is available with this portable device.

One of the greatest benefits of using Expresso Wi-Fi is connecting multiple phones and devices at a time. Around 10 devices can be connected, making it easier for your group to access the internet for emergencies. Italy’s fast 4G network is utilized by the device to give you access to Google Maps. The hotspot opens up opportunities to explore the country by providing a stable connection as you travel from one state to another. All your essential apps are easily accessible, even when passing through the most medieval towns or countryside.



The pricing depends on the number of weeks of days you need to rent the device. The longer you rent it, the daily rate will be lower. It will cost you around €6 for 5 days. The hotspot costs only €5 per day if you want it for 11 days, and for 21 days or more, you will have to pay €4 per day. The hassle-free service makes Expresso Wi-Fi all the more special. You can pick up and drop the device at the kiosk in the airport, which is the easier method. If you find that difficult, you can also get it shipped directly to your hotel and return it by courier. As the season for trips is nearing, people can have plans to visit Italy. Make sure to rent Expresso Wi-Fi when traveling in the country so that you can post all the pictures right away.

Expresso Wi-Fi
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