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Get internet access to guide you through the right path as you travel the world to explore multiple opportunities.

Without Limits

Be connected and browse as much as you like. No barriers or limits have been imposed on internet usage.

At Full Speed

Dash over to the desired website and get your results promptly. Delays aren’t a thing anymore.

Cut Extra Costs

Stay away from the networks costing you extra with the usage per month. We guarantee you a transparent billing system.

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What Is ExpressoWifi

The pocket-sized device that provides you with an internet connection as you travel through Italy.

Features You Will Love

All facets of ExpressoWifi are equally impressive. Grow to love each of them as you start using it.

  1. 1
    High Capacity

    The network never fails to meet your internet requirements. Switch to our technology to never slow down on your journey.

  2. 2
    Great Performance

    You are surely reaching your destination on time with the seamless service offered all across the country.

  3. 3
    High Coverage

    Take a trip to the corners of all remote areas in Italy to still be connected to the rest of the world.

How Expressowifi Works



Get your ExpressWifi device as soon as you land in Italy. Start by booking for the service.



Either get the device from the kiosk at the airport or have it packed and delivered to the hotel you stay in.



As you leave the country, deposit it back at the airport’s kiosk or ship it back to the address through courier.

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Reasons To Start Cryptocurrency Investing

Cryptocurrency has recently exploded in popularity. What used to be an innovative form of payment between digital savvy users is now also a means to digitally trade securities, facilitate customer rewards, do crowdfunding, and so many others.   Cryptocurrency, as an emerging investment tool, offers many benefits, and it is worth looking into as an alternative […]

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Is Bitcoin Trading Really Worth It? 

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How To Invest Your Money With Binance

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Expresso Wi-Fi
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