November 2, 2020

How Can Bitcoin Be Profitable?

It’s common knowledge that Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has become a debatable topic for quite some time now. People are curious about its history while others would want to know its potential investment opportunities. If you’re looking to earn substantial profits online, throwing everything into Bitcoin, along with blockchain, can be the best way to go. However, any method of making money with Bitcoin will require time, knowledge, and even your computer resources. 

Should you be interested in getting into the world of Bitcoin, here’s how the cryptocurrency can be profitable for you: 

1. Trading

Based on its inherent characteristics and constant variation in price, Bitcoin provides the opportunity for anyone to earn a profit by trading. If you purchase Bitcoins at a specific price and have them sold for a higher price, then the difference between the buying and selling price less any commission would be your profit. This is the reason why trading can make Bitcoins profitable. However, just like any other trade, Bitcoin trading should be carried out intelligently. 

Before you can get started with your first trade, below are the rules you may want to consider to maximize profits: 

  • Find a reliable auto trading platform that can help you perform trades automatically. Most trading platforms come with outstanding features that can be considered as the reason for its spectacular win rate. 
  • Invest only what you can afford to lose and not your entire life savings. Doing so may affect your life in the event of a losing trade. 
  • Learn the market trends by putting in your time, effort, and concentration. It’s imperative to understand the current trends and do some research before you trade Bitcoin. 
  • Don’t let emotions control you. Stay focused, professional, and more importantly, unemotional. 
  • Keep in mind that losing is also part of trading. If you incur losses, take that as a challenge and try again.

2. Bitcoin Lending

You can make a substantial amount of profit in Bitcoin lending, but it also comes with significant risks. Typically, this method tends to work using intermediary websites. In Bitcoin lending, you’ll act as a bank where you can lend your Bitcoins to another person at a particular amount of interest. Since the Bitcoin market is uncontrolled by central banks or governments, you can offer a higher level of interest than the standard bank rate. That said, there’s a potential for high profits. 

However, the uncontrolled nature of Bitcoin lending may also pose some problems. In case the borrower is unable to pay the Bitcoin, there’s little to no chance that you can go after them to enforce the loan. The risks involved with this money-making method may be too much. But if you handle it correctly, lending Bitcoin can be a potential market.

3. Accepting Bitcoin As A Payment

Again, you can do a lot of exciting things with Bitcoin, and one of these is buying and selling goods or services online. And when you sell products or services, you may opt to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This acceptance of payments in Bitcoin has also become an excellent way to make more money with the cryptocurrency. 

Here’s how you can get started with this method: 

  • Consider the skill you’re good at and think of ways on how you can make it profitable. Whether you love selling stuff online, providing digital marketing services, and many more, you can always use your strongest qualities to produce earnings. 
  • Set up a Bitcoin wallet where you hold your coins safely and ready to use. You’ll probably use your wallet to accept payments in Bitcoin. 
  • Start offering your products or services on online marketplaces. Don’t forget to state that payments should be in the form of Bitcoins to increase profits.

4. Writing About Bitcoin

If you’re interested in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, you may want to consider becoming an article writer. Just like any writing jobs, there are profits in writing about Bitcoins. Since the crypto market continues to evolve, more information and Bitcoin news become highly in-demand. Thus, if you’re a great content creator, writing about Bitcoin and other cryptos can be a profitable job from the comfort of your home.

5. Playing In Bitcoin Casinos

There are several Bitcoin casinos that operate online. Hence, if you try to increase your wealth, playing in Bitcoin casinos can be a great idea. On the flip side, when you decide to risk your money, you need to ensure the casino you’re using is legit and fair. Be sure the casino you’re into can prove that they’re not manipulating any results through a mathematical algorithm that involves cryptography.

6. Mining

Another popular way to make Bitcoin a profitable undertaking is through mining. This method, on the other hand, requires some expertise and knowledge in the field so you can do it successfully. If you want to give Bitcoin mining a try, you need to understand its two forms as enumerated below:

  • Cloud Mining

    It has become a popular form of mining in recent years. It’s an ideal method for those who don’t have computer resources. In cloud mining, there’s no need for you to buy software or hardware and assemble them to get started. What’s needed is the payment of a one-time fee for a single contract. Once you pay the required fees, you’ll get your earnings at the end of each month. The amount of profit you receive may be computed based on the plan you pick, and the power bill of the facility where the cloud mining service has been conducted. 

  • Personal Mining

    It’s the opposite of cloud mining whereby you need to purchase software or hardware and do the mining yourself. If you’re an expert in the field, personal mining can bring in more profits to you. However, if you’re a newbie in this industry, the method may not be the right way to make money with Bitcoin. Without adequate knowledge and practice, you may struggle to generate significant profits. 


These are just a few methods of making Bitcoin a profitable market. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found the best method that appeals to you. Additionally, always keep in mind that your choices are limitless. If you want to look for other ways, put some effort in doing your research. Consider joining social media groups, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.   


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